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Helping Your Library

How You Can Get Involved

The best and most important way for you to support your library is to come use it! Our building and resources are here for you, and the best way for you to ensure the Library thrives is to make use of what is available. If you are not yet a Patron, you can pick up an application at the Library.

Ask questions, borrow books, borrow movies, borrow nature backpacks, come to Library programs, invite a neighbor, recommend a book, borrow our Maine State Park Pass, etc. Tell us what you want from your library in the future and tells us what you appreciate about it already.

Help us help you!

Friends of the Library

The Friends of ZLFL is a separate non-profit group with the mission of helping the Library staff and patrons, primarily by volunteering and fundraising. From running book sales and special events, to allocating funds for extra programs and services, to providing refreshments and muscle for various events, Friends bring a supply of energy and time to expand the scope of what our Library can offer to our community.

To join this Friendly group, or to find out more, fill out an interest form at the Library or come to the next Friends Group meeting.


You don't have to be a "Friend" to volunteer at the Library. If you like to alphabetize or clean or would like to assist the Library staff with materials and projects within the Library, you can apply to be a Volunteer. Stop in at the Library for an application.

Library Committee

The Library Committee is composed of seven members, with a majority from Buckfield, but including at least one member from Sumner and one member from Hartford.

The Committee is a department of the town of Buckfield and exists to support the Library staff in their efforts to provide our communities with quality service, quality building, quality materials, quality programs. For more details, visit the town's website.

Any person seeking appointment to the Committee shall be appointed in accordance with the Town of Buckfield's Appointment Policy.

Use Your Library

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