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August 7 ~ 6pm
Local Author

Valerie Bennett

 is a retired Ancient History, Grade 6 Teacher, who grew up in Buckfield. 


The book Lidu's Awakening was written for reluctant readers and is a fast -paced, action packed story about a shy gatherer named Lidu, a boy hunter named Crik, and two wolves named Kylo and Aneko. A hunting accident, on the Eurasian Steppe during the Paleolithic Period, places the characters in a life or death survival adventure.


Upcoming Events


Join Zadoc Long Free Library for the  Smokey Bear Reading Challenge and our Summer Reading Program!

From June 19 through July 31, kids will be reading and learning about the wonder of nature and how to protect it. Read 3 books and earn 4 "badges" to complete the challenge!

Come to the library to learn more. Registration starts Wednesday, June 19, with our FREE lemonade stand and sign ups.

For the adults and older kids, there will be a reading challenge to encourage summer reading.

All ages can win PRIZES and FREE BOOKS!

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